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  1. Your Return online with the assistance of our Tax specialists. Create account, answer the inquiries, transfer your expense archives and one of our specialists will talk you through maximize your discount. Your arrival has a quick turnaround of 1-2 weeks and we offer an expense from-discount benefit.

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  1. Essentially answer the inquiries, transfer your assessment records and one of our duty advisors will get in touch with you. On the web or on the telephone, our advisors are dependably question-prepared.

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  1. Once we have all your information, we dig profound to ensure we don't miss any reasoning's or counterbalances. After we've done the hard work, simply survey your return & give us the go ahead to lodge it.

Step 3 : Fast Return

The Right Information

To get your Tax, returned – round up all your Tax related documents, for example,

  1. PAYG Payment Summaries/Group Certificates
  2. Government payment statements
  3. Private health insurance statements
  4. Work related Expenses
  5. Business incomes & Expenses
  6. Profit explanations for profits got or reinvested
  7. Yearly tax statements from managed funds
  8. Superannuation if self employed
  9. Prior year Tax Losses
  10. Previous year's accounting / tax lodgement Fee
  11. Investment property expenses and depreciation plan

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