Have you missed the assessment due date ?

  1. Not a problem, Indus Accounting can help you. Here are a couple of tips to get control of your Tax returns.

How do I lodge a late expense form ?

  1. It's not very late ! Many people for the most part need to lodge an a income tax return each year. However, some may have been to busy abroad, or found that it was quite recently excessively entangled, making it impossible to stop their expense form. On the off chance that you have not stopped an assessment form for a couple of years or you have an expense form extraordinary or past due, regardless of the reason, getting up and coming now will give you true serenity. Indus Accounting Tax Accountants can help you with your remarkable expense forms for this and past years. Simply Call 0423 264 003 to book an appointment.

Are there fines or punishments for late or past year Tax Returns ?

  1. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may apply an "inability to hold up on time punishment" (FTL). The punishment is ascertained at the rate of one punishment unit for every time of 28 days or part thereof that the arrival is past due, up to a greatest of five punishment units. Estimate tests additionally apply, so that the punishment for bigger elements is increased by either two or five. The punishment is $180 for each 28-day time frame or part thereof that the profits stay remarkable up to a most extreme of $900:
  2. 1-28 Days Past Deadline = $180

    28-56 Days = $360

    57-84 Days = $540

    85-112 Days = $720

    113 Days or more = $900

Can i still submit a late rax return if i don't have all my documents & receipts ?

  1. The ATO gathers data about your salary from banks, government offices and different gatherings.
  2. With your consent, Indus Accounting can help by checking your lodgement status with the ATO, finding out which years are remarkable and getting to points of interest that have been accounted for to the ATO.
  3. At Indus Accounting, we'll work with you to determine what reasoning's might be important and help you to work out how to find this data. Clearly the more receipts, explanations and data you can discover at your home or office, the less demanding it will be. Don't worry about it, there are a few deductions you can claim without receipts.

By what other method can Indus Accounting help me ?

  1. Finishing your outstanding Tax returns may likewise bring about coordinating past privileges for benefits, for example, superannuation co-contricution, family payment, baby bonus or education tax refund. Standard charges apply and if your late lodgements result in a refund, you may be able to take advatnage our Fee-From-Refund benefit and have your fee deducted from your Refund. If for some of the outstanding you were not required to lodge a Tax return, Indus Accounting can present a non-lodgement advice and ensure you're up to date with the tax office.
  2. It's important to understand that once you are up to date with your tax return, Indus Accounting can keep on assisting you to stay up with the latest with record cards, log books, yearly updates, newsletters and more. At Indus Accounting, nothing is too complicated book an appointment onlineor call 0423 264 003 / 0412 634 517.


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