If you didn't use a tax accountant or you disagree with your tax assessment, get a print-out of your current or past years' tax return for a Second Look. We will review your tax return and check you got the most extreme tax refund. If we find any deductions or benefits that you are entitled to, We can lodge a tax return amendment and get you the extra money

Whats in it for you ?

  1. An expert survey of your Tax return
  2. Guidance on what to do next if any fluctuations are found

At Indus Accounting nothing is too complicated. We can help you, regardless of who lodge your tax return.

Fees apply for adjusted or corrected returns, however these fees are tax deductible.

Please note : Should you have any trouble finding our office, please call 0394497639 or 0423 264 003 / 0412 634 517

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How Does Second Look Work

Bring in your old tax return

Bring us your previous year's tax return. We will review and look for any mistakes made by others.

We'll take a look at your Return

We'll conduct a thorough review of your past returns, looking for any deductions you may be entitled to.

We'll record a changefile an adjustment with the ATO

If we find any mistakes made by others, we can document an alteration and get you back the money missed out on.


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